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Metal Stamping

We work closely with you to properly plan, design, and execute metal stamping projects. Large, small, simple, or complex, our manufacturing process is adaptable, efficient, and accurate. Our well-equipped in-house tooling department provides quality tooling built to meet your specifications. Whatever your needs, our efficient production techniques can provide the most cost-effective means of production for metal stampings and assemblies using various materials, including HRS, CRS, galvanized, galvanneal, aluminum, and stainless steel, as well as multiple gauges and sizes. Because of our numerous 60- to 200-ton production presses, which expertly trained operators man, constantly produce quality parts, Thompson Manufacturing is ready to service all your short- and long-run production needs.


1-60 ton


3 - 80 ton (1 with coil line)


5 - 110 ton (2 with coil lines)


2 - 160 ton (1 with coil line)


3 - 200 ton (all with coil lines)

Services that make your life easier and perfect your parts.

Thompson Manufacturing Home-Engineering


As your partner, we’ll leverage our more than 30 years of hands-on machine and shop operations knowledge, combined with Mastercam 3D CAD software, to design production tooling that is high quality, efficient, and delivered on time.

Tool Room

We have the capability to design products that few can duplicate. Our state-of-the-art equipment facilitates the design and building of production tooling, and our wire EDMs and HAAS CNCs are high-tolerance machines that produce close-tolerance machining.

Thompson Manufacturing Services-Toolroom
Thompson Manufacturing Services-Tool Room Maintenance

Tool Room Maintenance

Timely, effective die maintenance and revision work is the lifeline of a quality control system. Our preventative tool maintenance program controls the quality of the parts produced, improves lead time, and reduces costs for you



Our two Robotic Mig Welders can be utilized for fast and precise welding. With an automated robotic welding system, we provide consistency and quality for simple or complex parts. Large or small runs can be completed quickly, leaving you with the best lead times available.

We also have three 75KVA spot welders for adding hardware or spot welding your part components.

Thompson Manufacturing Services-Welding
Thompson Manufacturing Services-Machining


CNC machining enables us to perform a comprehensive set of machining functions with precision and efficiency. In addition, our ability to design and manufacture our own machining fixtures gives you the most cost-effective method to produce your product. Similarly, our three CNC Mills and large CNC Lathe can make various parts.

Press Brake Area

At Thompson Manufacturing, we use the best of the best when forming your product in a press brake — accuracy and speed are inherently a part of our Cincinnati Press Brakes. We can also build any tooling in-house to perform special forming operations, giving you the advantage of doing complex form parts in a press brake… while improving lead times and your bottom line.

Thompson Manufacturing Home-Engineering

Value Added Services


We are committed to providing you with the highest quality services and products. That’s why our quality department, which includes our extensive, state-of-the-art inspection equipment, is deliberately integrated into every phase of our manufacturing process.

When you partner with us, you can be confident that our tool makers, machine operators, and entire administrative staff understand and appreciate that delivering a quality experience is an essential part of their jobs

Thompson Manufacturing Services - Other Services

Other Services

We can handle all the value-added services you may need. Spot welding, hardware attachment, and hand assembly are all available in-house. Outside services such as heat treating, plating and painting are available through suppliers specially selected for their quality, professionalism, economy and overall value.

Shipping & Receiving

Expediting necessary paperwork, efficient handling of products, part count weighing, and bar-code labeling ensure quick, accurate turn-around of each job. It also allows us to tailor packaging to your custom specifications.

In addition, our Orion high-profile heavy-duty stretch wrapping machine will make sure your products are wrapped up tight and protected so that they arrive in pristine condition.


Thompson Manufacturing Services-Shipping -Receiving